Who Am I?

What can I say?  I’m me, pretty much a Duke’s mixture of things.  I’m loud, I’m proud and opinionated.  I stand up for what I believe in.  I’ve married the love of my life.  I have a child, two dogs and some days I can’t remember just whom I’ve fed.  I’m quite the loner too.  I can go for days and not have any ‘outside’ contact.  (Excluding family that is.)  I started this blog as a creative outlet of sorts, sometimes it let’s me down, but most times I let it down.  I’m constantly learning new things, constantly exploring life.  I’ve decided it’s much too short to be bitter, or depressed.  Sometimes life does suck, but doesn’t mean we have to let it bother us.   I’m a bibliophile- my home is starting to closely resemble a library.  My favorite book is the dictionary.  I fear the dark, mostly because I have no peripheral vision in my right eye.  (Makes for a good story, I’ll have to remember to tell that one.)    I have an eidetic memory, comes in handy, as well as annoys the hell out of others.  Despite having this blog, I also keep a constant journal.  Been doing this since I was nine.  Regular beach goer, can’t swim but I do sink rather well.    Besides stay a while, pop a squat you might find something you like. Oh, and on a final note… I’ve recently re-enrolled in college.  You may hear me mention that quite a bit, yes I’m proud of myself – but I’m more or less amazed you can teach an old dog new tricks.