Just a few thoughts…

I hate those who gripe, those who complain about the unfairness of life.  Now, before one gets their drawers all in a knot… give me a chance to explain myself.  Everyone complains, everyone has “issues” of some sort or another, I will lend an ear if need be – but… I don’t understand the ones who complain about things that are THEIR fault.  The cause is their fault and their fault alone, NO ONE else was the cause. 

Quite simply put…


“Life is pain, Princess.  Anyone who says differently is selling something.”


Yet, to me, it is all in how one copes. I prefer accountability.  What a limited thing that is, yet I chose to revel in it.  I am by no means a saint, and yes I have my own tortured past. ( The kind that decides it’s going to march to my front door and follow me through out my entire day whilst carrying flaming torches running rampantly behind me.) But I don’t run from my mistakes… I leave them as they are, these are my faults, my existence and my example of what not to do in the future.  HOWEVER… I do realize that others do no hold themselves to the same accountability… so there fore I either work on being more humble and understanding OR I just cut bait. 

And, to be honest… cutting bait is looking good. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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